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4 Tips for Moving on a Budget

Moving is often a costly venture. Between the cost of the moving boxes and supplies, the rental trucks, the movers, and more, the cost of moving from home to home can become quite expensive. There are ways to budget and lessen the cost of your move. Knowing where you should spend more and where you can skimp can help you save some money at the end of moving day.

1. Create a Budget

Just as you would if you were going on a vacation or going shopping, it’s wise to create a budget before the move—and stick to it. Understanding what you can realistically spend on moving day will help you know when to splurge and when to hold back. You might even realize you have enough in the budget for every part of the moving process, so you won’t have to worry. On the other hand, you might come to the realization that you need to make some sacrifices. Either way, it’s best to know this early on than when it’s too late and you’ve racked up charges on your credit card.

2. Determine Expenses

There are certain expenses you’ll need to factor in, including packaging tape, boxes, and bubble wrap. You might also want to purchase some moving blankets for TVs and plastic wrap for furniture, which is especially important if it snows or rains. Factor in the cost of hiring Calgary movers, as well as the cost of the cancellation and installation of TV services, internet, gas, and hydro. Don’t forget the cost of forwarding your mail, too.

3. Saving Money on Packing Supplies

If all these expenses add up to be more than what’s in your budget, there are ways you can reduce the costs. Consider going to grocery stores to ask for free boxes. Ask your friends or family members if they have any bubble wrap, boxes, or packing tape lying around. Think of anyone who’s recently moved. You may consider forwarding your mail for six months rather than a year. And cancelling services earlier could save you from having to pay cancellation fees as well.

4. Saving Money on Moving Company Fees

You’ll pay movers by the hour, typically in 15-minute intervals. There are many ways to save money here. First, do all the packing yourself instead of hiring them for this service. Second, make sure all your boxes are packed, labelled, and ready to go, so your movers don’t have to spend extra time than necessary. You might even consider moving boxes or furniture from your attic or basement to the main floor to save them time, if this is feasible.

Also make sure to get quotes from several companies, and pay attention to additional fees, such as the cost of the trucks, the cost of fuel, and the cost of blankets or plastic wrap. Some companies offer these services and products for free, while others add the cost to the quote. You can also often bargain a better price on off-peak days and hours.
These tips will help you save money on your move.



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