7 Things That Could Go Wrong When Moving Offices

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9.Apr, 201800

7 Things That Could Go Wrong When Moving Offices

The prospect of carrying out an office relocation can be a daunting one; however, with the help of movers, it can run a lot more smoothly than you were expecting.

These are some challenges that can occur when moving offices.

1. Communication Failures

A good standard of communication is essential when carrying out something as big and important as an office move. Bad communication can cause the wrong people to be in the wrong places. Certain members of staff may not know what they are meant to be doing. And vital jobs may be missed, making for a stressful and disorganized move. Hiring movers who are trained professionals can make the job much simpler.

2. Lost Items

With disorganization can come the misplacement of essential items. When the business is trying to get back up and running, essential pieces of equipment cannot be found, meaning work delays occur. Make sure to pack and label boxes efficiently to prevent this.

3. Too Many Items

This is a very common problem. Over time, you likely accumulated files, broken equipment, and other items you and your staff never use. It’s essential to clean out the office leading up to the impending move and attempt to reduce possessions to only those that are essential. Too much stuff can also lead to problems when packing. If you have cut down and still have many items to move, then it’s likely you won’t be able to manage the move alone and will need movers to assist you.

4. Unsuitable Space

It is often found that an office move is carried out only to find that the new office space really is not suitable or practical. Always make sure to measure the new office and draw a suitable floor plan before the move happens so you know that everything will fit. This will also help movers understand where to place each item.

5. Delays

With all the above problems combined, heavy delays can be faced and the move can go on for several days before business can start to run as usual. With an efficient team of Vancouver movers, the job can be done in a day, enabling you to continue working immediately. Delays mean loss of revenue, and this means lower profits overall, which is something that you need to avoid.

6. Electricity and Internet Problems

Moving offices can be exciting and can provide a business with a better workspace; however, many business owners forget to check whether the receptacles are in ideal locations or whether the internet can be up and running immediately. Check on these logistics before the move occurs.

7. Workforce Arguments

Perhaps one of the most significant problems faced, which can have a negative impact on your business, is arguments among your workforce. This will lower morale and in turn lower productivity. Always make sure your workforce is fully informed about the move and are aware of any task that they need to carry out ahead of time. Sometimes, it’s best not to involve the workforce in the move and let movers do it rather than add stress to your already unsettled staff.



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