Four Steps to Take to Hire Reputable Movers

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2.Jan, 201800

Four Steps to Take to Hire Reputable Movers

Many people have heard unpleasant stories from friends and family members about their moving experiences. Some people may have told you that their movers arrived hours late or never showed up. Others may have told you that their movers tacked on extra fees after services were complete or that many expensive or precious items were damaged during the moving process. As you can see, the movers who you choose to hire can play a major role in your moving experience. These steps can help you to make a smart hiring decision.

1. Ask Your Friends and Family Members for a Referral

As soon as you decide to hire a moving company to assist with your relocation project, you can reach out to friends and family members for referrals. An easy way to do this is to post a question on your social media platforms. When you take this action, you may also get information about which moving companies to steer clear of. Through this effort, you can get a short list of companies to contact for a written quote.

2. Review the Company’s Website

Before you request a quote from any specific moving company, review the website. The website may provide you with information about rates and services offered. For example, some companies may not provide you with packing assistance. You can also get an idea about how professional the company may be. Through a review of various websites, you may be able to determine which companies should be at the top of your list.

3. Pay Attention to Promptness

Most websites for moving companies give you the ability to request a quote by completing an online form. Others may have an email address. Both of these options make it easy to request quotes. Pay attention to the length of time it takes for the company to respond to your request. In addition, focus on how professional the response was.

4. Analyze the Quotes

The final step to take before deciding which moving company to hire is to analyze the quotes. You may initially focus your attention on the final cost at the bottom of the written quote. However, spend time analyzing each line item. For example, a line item may show that only two professionals will be used for services. Some written quotes also have fine print at the bottom that leaves room for additional charges for appliance disconnections, wrapping items for protection and more.

These may sound like lengthy steps to take when you are preparing to move. However, the Vancouver movers who you hire can affect many aspects of your experience. It is critical that you spend time researching the options and making a smart decision about which contractor to hire.



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