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How to Choose a Moving Service

If you are planning a personal or business move in the near future, you should do a little research to find the best movers for your relocation needs. Whether you need to transport a few items or an entire company makes a difference in the type of movers to consider. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.


A quick move across town will probably be less demanding than an international move. However, both are important and require careful consideration as well as professional handling. You will want to find out the role of distance in price as well as preparation. Obviously, more lead time is needed for longer moves, but the amount of time should be determined in advance. You don’t want to find out a few weeks before moving day that your service order should have been placed with the moving business several months in advance. It is also important to discuss differing time zones, transit speeds, and rest breaks. Cost could be greater or lesser for longer distances, or it may be calculated differently than for shorter moves.

Personal or business.

Personal effects and business equipment are both important, but one may mean more than the other to those who are relocating. Whether or not this applies, planning a family or personal move will be managed in a different way than a company move. Many moving companies provide packing supplies and will do the work of packing and unpacking for personal or professional moves, but some people prefer to handle their personal belongings themselves. In addition, costs may vary, so it is always good to ask ahead of time about extra costs for packing, padding, and related issues.


Both individual and corporate possessions can be extremely valuable, from a rare art collection to prized mementos and heirlooms. Make a list of everything that holds special value and decide whether to pack and move it yourself or ask the moving company to assist in its relocation. Jewelry collection, designer furniture, and other items of note should be photographed and catalogued, when handled by Movers Calgary, to help ensure safe transit and tracking.


When choosing a moving company, check online reviews and the Better Business Bureau for information about reputation. If conflicts occurred, it is important to learn how they were resolved. Word of mouth can be an effective way to find quality movers if you know someone who can confidently recommend a company that assisted in their move.

Being uprooted to settle in another location can be stressful. Hiring the right moving company will reduce tension and facilitate the relocation. Take time to find the best mover for the job.



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