Moving Costs Escalated Due To Miscalculation? Here’s A Guide On Calculating Moving Costs

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Moving Costs Escalated Due To Miscalculation? Here’s A Guide On Calculating Moving Costs

Whether it is moving across a city, town or country, there will be expenses. Moving costs are extremely subjective and, as such, are difficult to predict. If you are not careful, you end up spending a lot more than you estimated. Here are 5 things you should keep in mind when planning out your move.

Using a Moving Company

Hiring movers to pack your belongings and move them to various locations may seem like the easiest choice, but it’s also the costliest. Cost depends on distance, as well as, the number of items in question.

Usually, the contents of a modest family home, when moving from, say, Vancouver to Halifax, will cost about $10,000, calculated using Atlas Van Lines. This may vary depending on moving company, route etc.

Further expense may be in the form of add-ons due to transit time charge, toll fee, storage of items (if needed), assembling fee and replacement of damaged/lost items (if any). If you still want to go through with hiring a company, be sure to read the fine print carefully.

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Via Wiki

Hiring Your Own Moving Truck

Alternatively, you can skip the moving company and opt to move your belongings yourself. Rental companies may charge by the hour or for a whole day.

If you are moving within a city or a town, it may be ideal to choose an hourly plan. However, this method means that assembly and package is on you and any damages incurred to furniture due to improper packing is a possibility.

Extra costs include gas, return fee and insurance. Plus, food expenses for you and your friends (because no way you can do it alone) play a role.


Childcare and pet-sitting

Moving is a hassle. For families with small children, it is even more so if you have to keep track of a child in the midst of packing all your belongings.

In such cases, you will usually opt to hire a babysitter to take care of your child while the items are in transit. A similar situation occurs for your pet. Pet shelters report increased risks of missing pets during and leading up to moving day. In case you reside in Calgary, we recommend Movers Calgary. They are the trustworthy, affordable and efficient professionals you will wish you had found earlier.

A lot of animals, trying to escape the confusion, end up getting lost. It might be more prudent to place your four-legged friend in someone else’s care for the time being. If you cannot find a friend who will do it for me, these also become additional expenses.

Utilities and other fees

For your new place, you need to factor in deposits for power, water, gas etc. These are essential expenses that must go into your budget.

Also, if you shift from one province to another, you’ll need new a new driver’s license and all the associated cost that goes with it. If your profession mandates that you need to re-certify in a new province, that too is an added expense.

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The time of your move matters as well. Most people move in summer from June to August and thus, those are peak price months. Once September arrives, prices usually drop down. So, if you can wait a few months, you might get better deals from moving or rental companies.




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