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31.Jul, 201600

Top 4 Packing Tips For Moving Into A New House

Moving to a new house can be a stressful job especially if you are totally unaware of the basics of making a move. The procedures involved are tiring and demand too much physical as well as mental effort to make things go the way you want them to. However, some people just do not like the idea of paying extra cash for something they can do themselves. Although taking the help of professional movers in Calgary is always suggested, you can always save some money by finishing the packing part yourself. Here are the little things which will help you discover the best way to pack your stuff and make things much easier:

Preplan The Schedule:

The first and the smartest thing to do will be doing things over a period of time rather than stuffing everything else at one go. Divide the stuff on the basis of how frequent you use them and begin packing the stuff which falls at the bottom of the list. Packing multiple cartons a day would result in lesser stress as well reduced complications in your lifestyle.

Don’t Be Careless:

It is a common scenario that the urge to save big often leads to some of the silliest mistakes one can make while moving. More often than not people have been found using boxes that were obtained from grocery stores or similar places. The fact that the boxes designed for moving are especially designed to handle the weight of stuff you will be putting into them, it is never advised to use odd shaped and dirty grocery store boxes to pack your stuff.

Furthermore, don’t start packing from multiple rooms simultaneously no matter how good you think you are at multitasking. Mixing stuff from different rooms will make them impossible to arrange after you begin unpacking. You wouldn’t want to find your underwear wrapped around your toothbrush after you open a box, isn’t it?

Above all, it is always advised to keep the important legal documents and valuables with you during the whole moving process. It is useless to mention how the loss of such items might incur huge losses to you and compromise your financial stability.

Leave Some Stuff Intact:

While you might be able to pack the smaller stuff, the big ones still need professional help to be moved. The furniture along with the heavy stuff will prove to be a nuisance if you try moving them all by yourself. Packing is all about being smart wherever you can. For instance, suppose you have a dresser that is filled with the stuff you need to move. You can either do the regular thing and pack everything up in boxes or leave them intact since the professionals will be moving the dresser anyway. This means your stuff will be exactly where you would want it to be without enduring the troubles in packing and unpacking.

Make Packing Fun:

Just because you decided to save some cash doesn’t mean you have to be serious while you keep putting your stuff into the boxes. Turn up the volume! Create a playlist of your favorite tracks that boost your energy levels. The less boring you make it the faster you finish.

Moving is indeed a tiresome process and costs more than you might think. Saving a little by following these tips will definitely make you feel good once you are done with the whole moving process. After all, it is the little things in life that mean the most.

27.May, 201600

Ways to Save Money When Hiring Packers And Movers

Buying that dream house or moving to a bigger apartment can seem exciting, but moving all your belongings to the new house and setting it up can be quite a daunting task. It requires a lot of time, effort and money. Therefore, we need the help of professional movers and packers to help us relocate our belongings in a quick, time-efficient and hassle free manner. They ensure that our items are not damaged while on transit and provide professional moving services. However, this can be quite expensive as hiring professional help is never cheap. There are several ways to cut down costs when hiring movers and packers. Though these ways require some effort on your part, the amount of cost reduction is really high.

1. Be ready beforehand

Usually, the packers and movers charge by the hour and the longer it takes to pack and move your things, the more you are charged. This can be easily avoided by a little preparation before the movers arrive.

Small and unbreakable things can be packed on our own. Cardboard boxes can be borrowed from friends or family or from offices to put all the packed items. These boxes can be labeled with what they contain. Packing as much as you can saves a lot of time, because it reduces the number of things that the professionals have to pack, which in turn reduces the time they spend on packing. But the key is to pack properly and do a proper job at it.

2. Be Organized

Once all the packing is done and the boxes are labeled, arrange the boxes in such a way that all the small boxes are in one stack and medium boxes in one place. It is easier to carry boxes of a similar size and it also allows them to stay on place when moved using a dolly. This makes the entire process much faster.

3. Tape and close the boxes

Again, it is much faster to carry a number of boxes which are taped at the top than carrying open boxes one by one. It also ensures that the items in the box are safe and that there is no risk of anything falling off.

4. Disassemble

Be it beds or big furniture that can be easily disassembled, if this is done prior to the moving day, it would cut down time and consequently, money.

5. Get rid of unwanted things

A garage sale to let go of all the junk can actually help you earn some cash that could be useful.

6. Timing matters

It is much cheaper to hire professional movers and packers during off-season or off-peak times. Summer season is usually when the professional movers are the busiest. If possible, schedule your move on weekdays or off-seasons to strike a cheaper deal.

7. Hire the right movers

This is the most important one. Before hiring a professional moving service to help you, compare the prices and reviews of all the movers. Don’t just go for the least expensive one. The quality of services provided by these companies and safety of your items should definitely be a deciding factor. You can also search for coupons or deals on the Internet. Additionally, it is always better to get a written estimate of the cost of moving to prevent further unanticipated expenses.

Moving can be costly and stressful, but if the right steps are followed, it can become a smooth and hassle-free process. After all, aren’t we always excited to get our new apartment or office up and running as soon as possible?

20.Mar, 201600

Locating Reputable Moving Services in Calgary

Would it surprise you to hear that moving ranks a solid third on lists of life’s stressors? But, psychological experts only considered the ‘normal’ concerns associated with moving, such as financial worries and finding new doctors, etc.

What happens to your stress level if you inadvertently engage rogue movers in Calgary? Rogue moving companies are dishonest and tend to break or lose your possessions. They furnish a ridiculously cheap estimate, on the internet or telephone. Then seriously inflate the total by beaucoup dollars at the end of your move.

Here are suggestions:
Canadian Association of Movers (CAM)
CAM acts as the conscience of the Canadian moving industry. They provide a directory of reputable and fraudulent movers in Calgary. Use the directory to find or validate a moving company.

The association recommends that you contact three different moving services and obtain their written estimates.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)
You’ve heard it before – anytime you plan on spending big bucks, check out the company with the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately, most people fail to heed this auspicious advice. It takes too long, blah, blah…

Big mistake! The BBB is a brilliant resource to evaluate movers in Calgary. Read the moving company’s reliability report to ensure they are a member of good standing in the BBB before you sign the dotted line.

Take Note: At the end of the day, you are responsible for doing due diligence before hiring a moving company.

Tips for Hiring Movers
Trust your gut! Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, chances are, it is. When you first meet a moving company representative, if your neck hairs stand on end or you get that queasy feeling, could be a sign of a disastrous move.

It is imperative to trust moving company personnel. After all, they will be temporary guardians of your cherished things.

Written Estimate
Only accept written estimates. A company that sends a quote over the internet is suspicious. The estimator should walk your home and create an itemized list of possessions you are moving.

Get at least three quotes, from three different professional moving companies. The estimates should be similar. If a company low-balls their estimate, be wary. You’ll pay dearly on the other end when they drag out ‘hidden costs’.

Bottom Line
Hiring licensed, professional movers in Calgary will help keep your stress under control and ensure your possessions arrive alive!