Steps to Take to Protect Your Belongings Before Movers Arrive

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7.Feb, 201700

Steps to Take to Protect Your Belongings Before Movers Arrive

Hiring a moving company is one of the most common steps many people take to prepare for a move. A moving company can load and unload the moving truck for you, and many offer special services, such as packing, disconnecting or re-connecting appliances and more. Such services can save you a tremendous amount of time and effort on moving day. Many moving companies take numerous precautions to keep your items safe from harm while they are being transported to a new location, but accidents can and do occur even when you are using the most experienced and well-regarded moving team in your local area. There are some steps you can take to protect your belongings before movers arrive, and these steps can further decrease the risk of damage during your relocation.

Load Valuable Items Into Your Own Car
Many people have numerous valuable or precious items in their possession. These may be financially valuable, emotionally valuable or both. As you pack up your belongings, keep these items together in one or several boxes, and keep these boxes away from the others that you are accumulating in your home. On moving day, give these valuable items the personal touch by loading them into your car yourself. This can minimize the risk of damage as well as loss.

Carefully Wrap All Fragile Items
Other items may be less valuable but very fragile. For example, your cookware, picture frames, vases, lamp bases and more are some of the more fragile items found in many items. While you may not have sentimental attachment to these items, you nonetheless want to protect them as much as possible. Carefully wrap them using newspaper or bubble wrap, and store them in boxes marked as fragile.

Move Fragile or Expensive Items to One Specific Area of the Home
As you accumulate boxes in your home through your packing efforts, you likely will stack boxes neatly in rooms throughout your home, and the Calgary movers will then load these onto the truck. For your fragile or expensive items that are not loaded into your car, keep these items all stored together in one specific area of the home. When the movers arrive, you may instruct the movers to load these items last and to use extreme caution when doing so. This may prevent them from getting squished at the bottom of a pile and will give your items the extra attention they deserve.

You understandably may trust your moving team to handle your items with care, and skilled Calgary movers will take every step possible to prevent damage or loss with all of your belongings. However, with your most precious, valuable or fragile items, extra care on your part can go a long way toward their protection on moving day.



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